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Special Offers

Terms And Conditions
For Special Offers

  1. The Theme and plugin usage on your website. As long as Web Design Africa hosts your website, all software, plugin, and theme update costs and technical maintenance are covered by Web Design Africa. Should you at any time decide to move your website to your own hosting service, Web Design Africa will not cover the costs of any future software, plugin and theme updates and the responsibility will be on you, the client, to update your website and cover any and all costs associated with that, particularly with regards to purchasing your own software, plugin and theme licenses;
  2. No call-outs or client visitations are done by Web Design Africa for any websites created under a special offer or at a reduced price. This refers to any website services costing under R4000, as it is not financially feasible from our end to do so for budget websites. If possible, time permitting from our end, you can make an appointment to come to our premises or a mutually agreed meeting venue to discuss your project. However, any personal meeting requests are completely at Web Design Africa’s discretion as budget websites, to be financially feasible from our point of view require the bulk of client interactions to be conducted via phone, WhatsApp, email, or Skype as opposed to face to face meetings. In summary, our service for budget websites is designed to be a remote design service;
  3. 30 days to provide content. After 30 days we reserve the right not to continue work on your website if you have not provided ALL the necessary input we need to move your project forward. After 30 days, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED;
  4. Web Design Africa does not provide a self-hosted website solution hence you will not get access to Cpanel or any hosting accounts. All hosting is fully managed by Web Design. No Administrator or plugin access privileges will be provided for WordPress websites. If you do wish to make changes to your website, Editor privileges will be supplied that will allow you to add new, update and /or change content such as Images, Text, Pages, and Videos on the website. N.B. If you as a client requests editor privileges to a website, please note that Web Design Africa will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY with regards to anything that happens to the website thereafter. If a website is damaged or ceases to work after Editor privileges have been granted, the responsibility falls on the client to fix it him/herself or pay the full hourly rate charged by Web Design Africa to do so.
  5. Work and instructions for web design services will only be accepted from the person that made payment for Web Design Africa services. No 3rd Party instructions or requests will be accepted;
  6. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances once ANY work has begun on your website, particularly once a domain has been purchased on your behalf and the WordPress platform has been installed on that domain. Additionally, the same applies to annual renewals, where no full or partial refunds will be issued for annual hosting & domain renewals once they have been paid by a client;
  7. Web Design Africa working hours are strictly between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Any work or meetings requested outside this time period will be charged at R600 per hour (over and above what has already been paid for services) at a NONE PRO-RATED fee.
  8. Email – All email has to be set up using the POP3 protocol. The creation of email addresses is done by Web Design Africa and details on setting up those email addresses via Pop3 for your specific email application will be supplied. Web Design Africa will only create email accounts from the hosting side while the client is required to set up their own email system application using the email settings supplied by Web Design Africa. Additional charges will apply if a client requires help setting up email applications (e.g. configuring Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc). Emails on Web Design Africa hosting servers get deleted regularly so you as a client needs to make sure that your emails are set up with POP3 and NOT IMAP so as to ensure that emails you send and receive get stored on your email application (This is POP3) as opposed to syncing and storing emails in a hosting account (IMAP). Web Design Africa emails make use of the Pop3 email protocol on shared hosting services. Given that hosting services are shared, Web Design Africa can make no promises or guarantees with regards to the reliability of email deliveries under a shared hosting account. All clients are advised to make use of their own dedicated email hosting service to ensure more mail delivery reliability in the event that shared hosting services are not suitable for client needs;
  9. Storage – No emails are stored on Web Design Africa Servers as per point 9 above. Images are limited to 200 images per website. If you require more than 200 images on your website or if your website grows to a point where more than 200 images are required, you will be requested to get your own full hosting package with another hosting company that has the capacity to handle more image intensive websites. Additionally, the 200 images may not exceed 200Mb of storage space. With regards to videos, no videos will be stored on any websites hosted by Web Design Africa. Videos may only be stored on external video hosting services such as Vimeo or Youtube and then embedded (BUT NOT uploaded) on a Web Design Africa hosted website.
  10. Any additional pages you as a client might request over and above what was mentioned in a particular special offer will be charged at R250 per additional page, for standard pages. A standard page refers to a simple page that is likely to take less than 1 hour to create i.e. pages with simple text, images, and embedded videos. If your page is more advanced than what has just been described, an additional assessment and quote from Web Design Africa will have to be done;
  11. Unless specifically stated in a special offer (i.e. any web design offer priced at under R4000), NO E-COMMERCE functionality will be added to any website we build. If you do require a website with e-commerce functionality, the pricing on the Web Design Africa ‘Services & Pricing‘ page ‘Platinum Package’ will apply.