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Forward Thinking

Constantly thinking of new ways to make website design and maintenance easier and more effective.

Cost Effective

Providing cost effective website design solutions that any business can invest in and achieve a return on!

Honest And Trustworthy

Your website design project delivered within your specified budget and with everything you asked for and nothing less!

Reliable and Efficient

Provider of a fast and efficient website design service that will have you up and running in no time at all!

Web Design Africa is a South African, Johannesburg based website design and development company focused on website design solutions for small to medium businesses, both locally and internationally. Our focus is not just on creating visually appealing, brand enhancing websites but, websites that can become huge assets for any businesses that want to capitalize on the internet’s incredible potential to generate new sales and business leads and thus ultimately, make more money for a business. We design our websites with high conversion rates being the optimal goal. By conversion, we mean getting people who visit a particular website to take a particular action and in most cases, become paying customers.

We specialize in WordPress Website design and development with the DIVI Theme (CLICK HERE to find our more about DIVI) being our primary platform of choice for website design and development purposes. The flexibility, customization capabilities and range of development styles offered by the platforms we build our websites with, gives each website a unique look and feel and is perfect for small business owners looking for an effective, profitable and at the same time, cost effect website design solution. Most importantly, the use of the WordPress platform, the largest Content Management System(CMS) on the internet today, gives each of our clients a system that is very cost effective, easy to use, update and expand on.

WordPress has a solid foundation that allows expansion and exciting changes to be made to a website without having to reinvent the wheel and continuously fork out tens of thousands of Rand to develop and incorporate new functionality. Our primary focus is on how to actually incorporate your website into your business and turn it into an asset that will actually contribute to the growth of your business.

The Webdesignafrica.co.za employs the skill sets of a huge network of tried, tested and trusted freelancers located not just in South Africa but around the world, whose work we oversee (mainly for SEO, Content Creation, Video Creation, Animation services). This ensures that we get the best skill set for any particular web development task. It also ensures that you, as a client, gets the best value for your website design budget by not subsidizing a company that has huge overhead costs to cover.

This business model ensures that we avoid the tag of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. The Web Design Africa operating model allows us to get the best person to complete a particular aspect of a project and in addition to doing the design and conversion aspects of the process ourselves, we oversee all the other related work being done as part of the overall process. So say, for example, you want a monkey that dances on top of a flying pig that sings, on the front of your website. We will find a professional that specializes in just that and get them to complete that aspect of your web development project. This approach saves you the client a small fortune, while getting a specialist to focus on the unique task at hand!

At Web Design Africa we believe you shouldn’t just get a website because it is expected of you BUT you should invest in a website because it is a major asset that has the potential to generate a huge amount of sales leads and in turn money and profits for your business.