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Website Design Cost, Services & Pricing

The goal of our service is not just to build you a website BUT to create a unique online presence for your business and have that online presence translate into new leads, customers and ultimately, cold, hard cash in your bank account. Getting a website should be seen as an investment and as with all investments, a return on that investment should be expected.

Immediately below are our all inclusive web design packages. If you do not see something that you really want incorporated into your website design, simply let us know and we can easily come up with a package customized just for your needs. We focus on strategic web design. We will look into what your niche target market is searching for on the internet and we will design each of your web pages to target exactly what your target market is searching for!

Web Design Africa has an hourly labour rate of R600 per hour for work that falls outside of any of the web design packages displayed above.

Website Design Cost Of Additional Value Added Services, Products And Addons

About Our Additional Services

Below is a list of several complimentary Website Design Costs / Extras you might also want to consider for your website that aren’t covered/included under our Packages.

Additional Pages

Charge per additional customized page over and above the default number of pages covered in our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages is R400 per page.

Forum Creation

If you want a forum created for your website, we can easily create one for you. However, there are several different types of forum solutions that we can consider, so we will have to come up with a customized quote for your unique needs.

Blog Creation

We won’t necessarily charge any extra for the creation of a blog if you request one with any of our packages above, but blogging needs may vary so we will have to discuss what solution best fits your needs first.

Social Network Account Creation

We will integrate any existing social media accounts you might already have into your web design for free. However, if you want us to create social media accounts on your behalf(Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest) our service fee is R500 per social media account we create on your behalf.

Content creation

We can also create new content for your website on a regular basis. If you do require a regular content creation solution, lets have a chat and discuss a cost effective solution that will best meet your needs!
Our Gold and Platinum packages come with a free, customized, high quality promotional video that will instantly make your business stand out online. All the videos come with the option of having a professional voice over artist narrate a script. All the video options below also include a free script that will be written specifically for the video and optimized for search engines. The videos below are only a small sample of the types of online promotional videos we can create for your website! We can create very niche specific videos that can easily be customized just for your company! Contact us for a customized quote with regards to our video creation service. Please note that the rough price guides below only apply if you order a video as a standalone service(i.e. just the video and not our web design service). Click on any of the tabs below to get an idea of the different types of videos we can create:
Animated Explainer videos (Starting from R6000) Get Jacob from our Homepage video to promote your company, product or service:
We have tons of animated storyboards we can use to explain your company, product and/or service:
Tons of different Video Logo Stings (Starting from R1000) we can customize for your business:
Tons of different Typography motion graphics (Starting from R4000) to explain your business, product and/or service:
We can create videos to promote your upcoming event and/or product: More examples: Even More examples: There are tons more video styles we can use, just ask us!

Online Advertising Campaigns

We will help you get traffic to your site and help you convert the visitors into paying customers! We believe that advertising solutions work best when customized to each individuals unique situation. Call for a discussion/quote on setting up any of the advertising solutions that are mentioned briefly below.

Pay Per Click Advertising & Media Buying

Facebook Advertising setup, Google Adwords setup, Twitter, Bing/Yahoo/Microsoft Advertising setup, scouting for cost effective media buying opportunities (i.e. reaching out to relevant blogs, website owners and negotiating advertising rates with them on your behalf and also dealing with intermediary advertising companies that broker high quality, relevant advertising space online).

Custom Audience Advertising

We can also create custom audiences for more cost effective advertising on Twitter and Facebook.

Landing, Squeeze Pages, Split Testing & Conversion Optimization

Split testing advertising campaigns and monitoring conversion rates and effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. Creating squeeze pages/landing pages and split testing squeeze pages.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, auto-responder set up and sales funnel design/content creation for sales funnels.

Re-marketing/Re-targeting Campaigns

Setting up tracking pixels on websites to re-target visitors over and over again across a wide range of online advertising platforms.

On-Page SEO

All Our Packages come with free On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Please read the tab below with regards to our Off-Page SEO solutions.

Off-Page SEO

We do not do our own in house Off-Page SEO but outsource Off-Page SEO to companies we have worked with and trust to deliver good results. You can decide to do your own Off-Page SEO if you order any of our web design packages BUT we can easily accommodate your requests to handle any Off-Page SEO Solutions you are interested in.